Water Bodies: Paintings by Sheila Scoville @ Collection Rert


The bright white light of beginning, where we are thoughtful,
as the total frequency spectrum cuts through the depths, caught in organic roiling wonder they tumble.
A diver plunging into and forever undefined and fluid,
a single cell or even deeper into the cold, it’s a painting with an application.

Almost so dry to the touch, but then layers soften with time, saturated eye sockets,
the things that pop out, amorphous and delight that slenders its way around out
of a darkness, in the place way beneath the waves, still nurtured by the warmth

what life filtered and gestured along the ways of her canvases.
a film that washed thru a narrative of sorts, a journey that takes you around

The gallery space. Is well lit and the space taken, sparse almost and pure with the weight of some universe, these squares have bound bodies of water and beauty in the coolness of quiet moods. Inside the fingers that must have quietly and diligently leaned with whispers,
an outpouring of tendril and wishes in colors on the drift, maybe flesh
as wet is a dance, we lead along and wind our way, as amphibian or dolphin.scov1
They seem to come to the surface sometimes, or the ripples settle out and the definition
it escapes and trails off on a tangent, that once again comes back at you out of the violet and indigo mirth, that conscientiousness is soft and patient. As patience prone to horror vacui, nature abhors a vacuum, it is still, it lets it breathe and goes even further down maybe in
to some small cave with ultramarine rivulets, the flowing translucence of seaweed and writhing beneath is organic. With others the blur of connective turbulence and wonder. Her paintings bring us back to the surface again and we sigh.scov2

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