Writing about Art

I’m interested in a specific kind of dialogue about art. I want it to grow beyond me.  I rather enjoy not relating to different views. I wish to use visual art experiences, usually art experiences that openly declare themselves as such, to remind my mind how to remain open. I enjoy research as much as honest and immediate reaction. I enjoy the trapping of my thoughts in words. I will remain free to write about visual art for myself.

Artist Biography
Jeff Dahlgren
Born: Atlanta, Ga. August 7th 1972 6:07am
Lived: New Orleans, La. July 95-July 96
Atlanta, Ga. July 1996 – May 2011
Austin, TX May 2011 – Present

Initially inspired to write, became a painter, further motivated by discovery of German Expressionists. Skronk jazz & Post-Modernist theory influenced his writing and reasoning for making art. Showing in coffee shops, festivals, & group shows became non-profit venue or experimental (methods unproven to succeed) based in nature. Work became more focused on process, performance, identity, and language. Sound & language poetry practices lead to noise music performance, which lead back to visual art. Presently they all merge in various phases.

Show History
Donna Van Gogh’s – Atlanta, Ga 1999
Gallery Nomad – Atlanta, Ga 2000-2002
Zero Gallery – Atlanta, Ga. 2002-2003
Youngblood Gallery – Atlanta, Ga 2008

Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery – Atlanta, Ga 2005-2010 (as Eggtooth)
Vice-Chair – 2011
Chair of Literary Committee 2010-2011
Founder: Writer’s Exchange – 2010
Experimental Writer’s Asylum – 2010
Curated: Vispo: Art Experiments in the Space between Viewing & Reading – 2010
Eyedrum Studio’s Public Bathroom: Walking & Falling/Rauschenberg’s Process -2010

Atlanta Poets Group 2006 – 2010
Language Harm 2006-2010

Published: UNO Press: Atlanta Poets Group: The Lattice Inside 2010

Whitespace Gallery August 2009
Summer Falls (guest of John Otte Installation)

Art Writing:
Art Voices Magazine 2006-2007 New Orleans, La. Jeff Dahlgren

Film: Prospect 2 Satellite Exhibition: “Constant Abrasive Irritation Produces the Pearl: A Disease of the Oyster.” – Lenny Bruce The Pearl Lounge – New Orleans, La. 2012 (collaborator of John Otte)

j4 – https://j4work.wordpress.com/    4 poets using visuals and language theory to create vispo and conceptual poetry via snailmail and passion

Greenhouse – Interactive/self-referential int. wall installation (open to public and natural causes) – Austin, Texas 2011

Wardenclyffe – Interactive/self-referential ext. wall installation (art 2 street vs street 2 art pt 2) – Austin, Texas 2012

Thirst Fursdays: Chain Drive Variety Show – Opening Sound/Noise/Poetry Performance – Austin, Texas 2011- 2012

Church of the Friendly Ghost – (random appearances) Sound Poetry/Foley Artist – Austin, Texas 2011- 2016

East Austin Studio Tour 2015 – “There’s No Dialogue Happening Here.” studio exhibit.

MOHA – part of an anti-commodification art installation – during East Austin Studio Tour 2016

Austin Public Library: Aural Literature monthly reading series (2015)

On the web/ the youtube:

Jeff National Poetry Month 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ya9TU-HQhpE

eggtooth “noise” poem @ Chain Drive 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCuGEZUCU_E